So.. You think that you are really serious about your PDA do you?
Well lets check to see if you are !!
I offer to you a very simple self test, and if you are entirely honest with yourself,
the result may surprise you. Please bear with me, and pardon me for perhaps sounding harsh, but this is reality !

Whenever I ask the question, "Are you serious about your PDA?"
I will always get the same answer, "Yes! Of course I am." ---> "Duhh"

Yes this seems like a stupid question, but in reality it is one of the strongest, and most
sensible, questions I will always ask a driver in pursuit of their PDA. And this is why.
When a person applies for a learners permit, they will be given two books from the
Department of Transport Office, as part of their "learning package".
One of these books is called -  DRIVE SAFE
The other one is called -  HOW TO PASS YOUR DRIVING ASSESSMENT - (PDA)

I am very confident that when you were, or are, handed your assignments at your school, or place of work, you will study its contents, and commit to memory, as much of it as you possibly can. Why? Because you want to pass your exams. That is what your assignments are for, to know your subject and know it well !  It is no different with learning how to drive and preparing yourself for your PDA.

Have you read either of those books yet? if not, Why Not? 
If you have read them, have you studied them to the same extent as your school assignments?  You see where this is taking you huh?
Ask yourself the question again based on what you have just read.
Am I really serious about my PDA? Be honest with yourself and do yourself a favour !                 .....Study those books!! .....
Align the study of the books with any coaching you may do. Be Serious!!

If you dont have these, or would like to download a PDF version, click on the book you require
to download yours.


An alternative link to these documents can be found

Seriously ?